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In a country far from home it is difficult to make the best purchases when there is little time available, because you do not speak the language and also because you do not know where to find the products which you require.

With our company you will not waste time.

Our consultants will advise you and accompany you to purchase anything you wish :

  • Items of jewellery (Italian products)
  • Clothing (Italian products)
  • Footware (Italian products)
  • Leather (typical product of Regione Campania)
  • Pottery (typical product of Regione Campania)
  • Cameos and coral (typical jewells of Regione Campania)
  • Shepherds, neopolitan cribs and Pulcinella masks (typical arts and crafts of Regione Campania)
  • Hand made paper from Amalfi Love is blind.

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