Wedding music in Positano, Capri, Sorrento, Ravello, Amalfi and Praiano

Nothing is capable of evoking strong emotions like the power of music.

Music is absolutely necessary to give solemnity to the function, to create the right atmosphere, to thrill, to underline the emotional moments and the funny ones.

Music creates a magic atmosphere, special and unique.

Our consultants will advise you about the most appropriate music for the religious or civil ceremony and the music fit for your wedding feast.

The Lampada di Aladino s.r.l. loves creating unique, personalized weddings, so through the choices made together with you, (for example: a large or small church, antique or modern, an antique or modern Registry Office ,a villa or a restaurant, taking into account your taste in music and your budget),our consultants will be able to offer you the perfect choreography for your wedding.

Music is not a detail but a fundamental aspect in the organization of a wedding.

Our musicians are professional and will make your wedding day a dream come true!

What we can offer:

  • Mandolin and Guitar
  • Mandolin, Guitar and singer
  • Organ
  • Organ and violin
  • Harp and violin
  • Organ, violin and singer
  • Harp, violin and singer
  • Organ and string trio
  • Harp and string trio
  • String quartet
  • Organ, string trio and singer
  • Harp, string trio and singer
  • Organ, string trio and oboe
  • Harp, string trio and oboe
  • String quartet and oboe
  • Organ, string trio, oboe and singer
  • Harp, string trio, oboe and singer
  • Organ, string trio, oboe and 2 singers
  • Harp, string trio, oboe and 2 singers
  • String quatet, oboe and 2 singers
  • Organ, string quartet, 2 trumpeters, 2 singers
  • Gospel choir
  • Piano Bar
  • Piano Bar and Sax
  • Jazz trio
  • Jazz quartet
  • Latin Jazz trio
  • Latin Jazz quartet
  • Neapolitan folk quartet
  • Bagary band
  • Big Orchestra
  • DJ
  • Neapolitan Baroque Music
  • Tarantata (Italian regional music)
  • Belly dance

And many others options

The choice is yours!!!!!........

music music music music music music music music music

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