Weddings in Sassi di Matera

Weddings in Sassi di Matera

Weddings in SASSI DI MATERA are a dream come true thanks to its fairy-tale charm.


It is UNESCO World Heritage from 1993.


THE PASSION – Mel Gibson

This is the most impressive, intact example of a troglodyte settlement in Europe.

The Sassi of Matera are a perfect example of a rock-cut settlement, fitting perfectly to its geomorphological setting and its ecosystem and exhibiting continuity over more than two millennia.

From the Palaeolithic period the Matera region has been inhabited.

The first example of house form was a simple cave in the tufa with a closing wall created using the excavated blocks.

The Sassi district is divided into two parts, the Sasso Caveoso and the Sasso Barisano. There are countless churches, many of which are found inside the urban Sassi district.


It is possible to plan in Matera:

  • Civil Weddings
  • Catholic Weddings
  • Protestant Weddings
  • Symbolic Weddings
  • Jewish Weddings
  • Hindu Weddings
  • Renewal of vows
  • Elopements


From spring to late autumn

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