Weddings in Secluded Areas

Weddings in Secluded Areas

The Amalfi coast is full of secluded areas that could be chosen for an unique and unforgettable wedding.


Vietri sul Mare, just west of Salerno, marks the beginning of Amalfi’s coastal road and is the ceramics capital of Campania. Vietri’s pottery production dates back to Roman times, and back in the day the royal court of Naples was its most important client.

The small town center is full of decorative tile shopfronts selling ceramics of all shapes and sizes, while every establishment is chock-full of them.

Vietri’s vicoli (small streets) stretch out from the main landmark, the Neapolitan Renaissance Church of Saint John the Baptist (dating back to 1732) with its colorful bell tower and ceramic-covered dome, which stands out like a beacon on the approach from Salerno. Unlike their more popular neighbors, Vietri and even nearby Cetara have never really relied on tourism for their livelihoods.

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Weddings in Atrani

A picturesque fishing village, isolated from the traffic, Atrani is the smallest municipality in the whole Southern Italy. The typical white houses, with balconies full of flowers, form a cascade along the ledges of the surrounding hills (Mount Civita towards East and the Mount Aureo towards West), interspersed with lemon groves, in the valley of the river Dragone, as far as the beach. There are no certain traces about the origins of the town’s name: according to some, in fact, it derives from the Latin word “atrum” (dark, with reference to its particular geographical location), according to others from an ancient Greek settlement (Atranes).

From an urban point of view, Atrani preserves a typical medieval town structure with narrow streets and alleys, mostly covered by vaults and arches, which wedge among the houses and then intersect in a square or in a wide stretch. Piazzetta Umberto I, at few steps from the beach and surrounded by a typical block of houses, for its fresh and lively atmosphere brings to mind the well known square in Capri.

Atrani, like all the other towns of the Amalfi Coast, was the residence of noble Roman patricians, evidenced by the sumptuous villas that archaeological excavations are bringing to light. It was mentioned for the first time in a letter of Pope Gregory the Great, in 596.

During the time of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, Atrani was the residence of local nobles and the ancient Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto was the place were the Doges were crowned with a ducal cap (“birecto”).


wedding in atrani

wedding in atrani amalfi coast


Weddings in Furore

Another gem of the Amalfi Coast, Furore takes its name from the “the sound of the raging sea pounding against the valley below“. It was, for its particular physical and geographical location, an impregnable stronghold, even at the times of the Saracen invasions. The fjord, one of the most picturesque and evocative in Italy, has always been a natural harbor, famous for its flourishing trade and the development of the old industrial plants, such as paper mills and mills.

It is also known by the nickname of “the country that does not exist” (the Italian Neverland), since there is not a real important centre but just small groups of houses that sprout isolated from the ridges of the cliffs. The “en plein air” art gallery is very singular: it is composed by over one hundred “walls of author” and features murals and sculptures that make Furore a “painted village”.

The town of Furore was a simple district of the Royal city of Amalfi: a place where the exiles and the outcasts of society lived, once sent away from city, in an inhospitable, sparsely populated area with no lands to cultivate. It is mentioned for the first time in a land registry of 1752.

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Beach wedding on the Amalfi coast Italy

Beach wedding on the amalfi coast italy


While not one of the big travel destination names on the Amalfi Coast – such as Amalfi, Ravello and Positano – the peace and quiet of Scala is what makes this towns so charming. Along with its beautiful setting in the mountains above Amalfi and convenient location just across a pretty valley from Ravello. While nearby Ravello attracts most of the tourists, the town of Scala has much to offer visitors, especially those interested in exploring, hiking and experiencing daily life on the Amalfi Coast.

Known as the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast, Scala has a long and fascinating history tied very closely with the medieval Republic of Amalfi. Scala was an important defensive point of the Republic of Amalfi, and the close connection brought much wealth to the prominent merchant families of Scala.

Scala is a town with a thousand-year history (during the height of its economic splendor it had about 130 churches), rich in monument of great artistic and historical value and an interesting natural heritage characterized by large chestnut forests, the State Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere with its lush vegetation, and the terraces cultivated with lemons and “piennolo” tomatoes.

weddings in scala

exclusive wedding in scala


The beach of Marina di Praia beach is a natural fjord, located between Praiano and Conca dei Marini, where the water is deep and blue. Along with the beach of La Gavitella it is one of the two main beaches of Praiano.

In ancient times, Marina di Praia used to be the core of the activities of the village, the place where people built boats, fishing nets and prepared cured fish. Marina di Praia was also the landing place for ships that loaded wood brought from Agerola by way of an aerial ropeway, to sell it on the shores of Africa.

Nowadays the beach mostly thrives with tourist activities.

wedding in praiano amalfi coast

La praia wedding in praiano amalfi coast

wedding in praiano amalfi coast

la praia wedding on the amalfi coast


There is a long list of awards Punta Licosa can boast of: in 2005 it was included in the list of the most beautiful beaches of Italy by the Environment Authority; some declared it one of the most beautiful in the world; it was awarded the Blue Flag because of its clear waters; today it is a Marine Park from Ogliastro to the area called Saùco; as it has been a protected area since 1972, it is one of the first marine parks in Italy.

This promontory is overgrown by a huge pinewood and wide expanses of posidonia algae grow on the sea floor, which helps marine life. Therefore, it is interesting for snorkelers and divers. A proof that the sea is unpolluted here is the fact that in 2006 a turtle ‘caretta caretta’ laid eggs on the beach at Ogliastro Marina. One can admire splendid views hiking along the pathways and mule-tracks on hills starting fromCastellabate. When you are at the foot of Mount Licosa there you will see a small hamlet and at the point there still stands and old tower. Just at the tip there is the islet of Licosa with a light house on it.. It is also an archaeological site : there are remains of a ancient port and mooring pier under water and likely foundation of a Roman villa. The islet also keeps a species of endemic lizard.

It is particularly interesting to attend the so called ‘Water Concerts’ inspired by the Myth of the siren Leucosia. These concerts are held on boats in the small channel between the islet and the promontory during the months of July and August.

wedding in punta licosa cilento coast

wedding in punta licosa cilento coast


ocean view wedding amalfi coast

ocean view wedding amalfi coast

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