Danish Weddings in Italy


We have planned many Danish weddings in Italy and love to respect all the Danish wedding traditions.

So… here are some of Denmark’s most well-known wedding traditions for you to consider incorporating into your big day.



When everyone is gathered, they find their place at the table and stand up until the bride and groom arrives and once the bride and groom are seated everybody else will sit down as well.

All the food is usually served at the table by waiting staff and songs and speeches are held in between the different meals.


The Danish wedding traditions include a lot of speeches

After the dinner the bride and groom take to the floor for the bridal waltz and cut the wedding cake.

As the couple dances, the guests surround them, clapping in unison and getting closer and closer to the couple until the couple can no longer move…and they kiss amid (thunderous) applause.

If the cutting of the cake is a major event in most culture’s weddings, instead, in a Danish wedding a major occurrence is the first dance. This has to happen before midnight (as otherwise your wedding day is over), but also close to midnight, as this is when the couple changes status from unmarried to married.

The next tradition is let’s say rather noisy.

During the meal, at random intervals, the guests will either stamp their feet or clink their cutlery against glass or plates. If the stamping happens, the couple have to go under the table and kiss. If the latter, they have to stand on chairs and kiss.

After the first dance, the guys often pick up the groom, take off his shoes, and cut his socks. Apparently it is for the guy to see how good his new wife is at sewing.


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