Protestant Weddings in Ravello

Choose Luxury Exclusive Protestant Weddings Planner in Ravello

In case you are planning a blessing ceremony or a Protestant wedding, then Ravello is certainly an ideal destination since it provides a wide array of refined venues of enchanting beauty and charm.

A protestant wedding is an easier ceremony to plan. But Protestant wedding services generally have few limitations. Still, many couples request a Protestant wedding ceremony in Ravello since there is enough scope for personal choice in a religious setting.

We, PROTESTANT Wedding Planner in Ravello would collaborate to guide you in the choice of the music and rituals to fulfill your vision. Together we would discuss your vision of the PROTESTANT WEDDINGS RAVELLO, through phone consultations and email, until you reach the wedding ceremony, which meets and exceeds your needs and expectations. All the rituals might be observed; however, the setting is completely up to your thoughts and imagination.

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Certain paperwork is required in order to have PROTESTANT WEDDINGS RAVELLO with legal validity. All our professionals would help you in going through all the steps. When you have confirmed the date of your wedding, you would get a personalized order of service. If you want to add a special touch to your wedding ceremony, then it is also possible to have classical wedding tunes and traditional Italian music.

  The Role of PROTESTANT Wedding Planner in Ravello:

To plan a Luxury Protestant Wedding, you need to contact us by email or phone. This is an easy procedure; however, should be performed well in advance, before your coming to Ravello. Amalfi Wedding Planner would help you with the timing, as well as the choice of Pastor. Not only this, we will arrange the best venue and decorate it with flowers that you would cherish throughout your life.

Protestant Weddings in Ravello

Protestant Weddings in Ravello

  The Best Time to Plan Protestant Weddings in Ravello – Ask the Luxury PROTESTANT Wedding Planner:

If you know nothing about Ravello, then don’ worry because we, Luxury Protestant Wedding Planner, know everything about this place hence it is easier for us to arrange an exclusive wedding ceremony.

In case you plan an outdoor wedding ceremony, then summer is preferable; however, if you choose a church for a wedding, then any time of the year is great. We recommend early booking to complete paperwork requirements.

Protestant Wedding in Ravello Santa Maria a Gradillo

Protestant Wedding in Ravello Santa Maria a Gradillo

Protestant Wedding Ceremonies in Ravello

For the Protestant Ceremony there are two options:


Protestant ceremony ( Valdesian rite) with legal effect. It combines religious and civil ceremony.

The Minister speaks only Italian and the Ceremony is co-officiated with an English speaking Interpreter.

2nd option:

Protestant ceremony without legal effects: this is only a religious ceremony. You need to go to the Town Hall some days before the wedding for the civil ceremony or give proof to the Pastor of your official Wedding Certificate.


Ravello is a very romantic setting for a Protestant wedding and it offers spectacular settings where to plan and design unforgettable and unique wedding ceremonies.

These type of ceremonies can be performed:

  • In the Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo
  • In one of the many stunning sea view terraces
  • In a garden
  • In one of the many luxury Hotels
  • In Villa Cimbrone in the Moresque temple
  • In a private villa

Wedding floral arrangements – Protestant Ceremony in Ravello

The setting can be decorated at your pleasure with flowers, vases, urns, organza, trees and candles but it is not possible to decorate pews.

Wedding Music – Protestant Ceremony in Ravello

There is the possibility to have music.

It is possible to choose among many options:

  • Organ
  • Violin
  • Organ and Violin
  • Organ and Oboe
  • Organ and flute
  • Organ, violin and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Organ, oboe and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Organ, flute and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Harp
  • Harp and Violin
  • Harp, violin and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Organ and string trio
  • Harp and string trio
  • Harp. String trio and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • String quartet
  • String quartet and two singers (1 soprano and 1 tenor)
  • String quartet, oboe and two singers (1 soprano and 1 tenor)
  • Harp, string trio, oboe and two singers (1 soprano and 1 tenor)
Protestant Wedding in Ravello music

Protestant Wedding in Ravello music


From spring to late autumn

For pricing and more specific information, please contact our experts.