Weddings in Amalfi

Destination weddings in Amalfi

Let us Plan Exclusive and Luxury Destination Weddings in Amalfi while you Celebrate

Even though you haven’t heard the names of this specific Italian region, but we would bet that you have definitely dreamed of visiting it once at least. And when it comes to destination weddings, this place comes in everybody’s mind. Yes, we are talking about Amalfi. Weddings in Amalfi have become a very common thing due to the striking beauty of this place. And its natural beauty compels soon-to-be-couples to choose this place as their wedding destination.

Many couples from all over the worlds choose Amalfi to plan their destination weddings on the amalfi coast.

Destination weddings in Amalfi

Destination weddings in Amalfi

We at Amalfi wedding planner can plan Catholic Weddings in Amalfi in the spectacular Amalfi Cathedral or Civil Weddings in Amalfi in the Historical Amalfi Town Hall or in the local ancient shipyards “Arsenali” (the impressive vaulted stone halls where the Amalfi ships where once built) or in the middle age open air Cloister of Grand Hotel il Convento. Symbolic Weddings in Amalfi as well as Renewal of Vows in Amalfi can be planned in one of the many luxury hotels of the area, on panoramic terraces, in a botanigal garden or on a boat with the background of Amalfi.

Weddings in Amalfi

Weddings in Amalfi

Amalfi is an historical village that belongs to Marinare Republic.

But why should you choose to get hitched in Amalfi?

  • Breathtaking beauty of the place
  • Mix of nature, culture, and history
  • Temperate, sunny, and warm climate
  • Reputation for warmth and hospitality
  • Home of the mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine
Exclusive weddings in Amalfi

Exclusive weddings in Amalfi

What Services do you Get Regarding Weddings in Amalfi from our End?

At Italian Wedding Designer, we plan, design, and organize your wedding with efficacy. Our expert team of professional work with our clients every single step of the way just to make sure that your D-Day is a dream come true moment for you. Our experienced team members ensure that your experience before, during, as well as after the wedding ceremony, is everything and also beyond that you imagined.

  • Décor:

From modern, vintage to theme-based decorations – the look and feel of your wedding ceremony would have guests talking for several years.

  • Music & Light:

DJs, live music, lights, and more. Just leave your invitees tapping their feet and having a great time, which they would cherish forever.

  • Styling and Makeup:

Looking exception on your special day implies being relaxed, gorgeous, and radiant. Look your best.

  • Photography:

Relive every single moment of your big day through beautifully and professionally seized moments and edited videos.

  • Hospitality:

Your invitees would be attended always while comfortable seating, refreshing drinks, and more would keep them relaxed.

Let us Take Care of your Budget:

As one of the Amalfi ’s top wedding designers, we receive special rates from suppliers that we pass on to our clients. We know well what different services cost and hence we can help our clients in getting the best value of a budget. Just let us know early enough what services you are looking for and we will tell you about the costs. It’s not in our best interest to hand our clients a bill at the end of the ceremony, which they were not expecting at all.

We are professional planners who plan and manage exclusive weddings in Amalfi. Hence, we invite you to avail of our services once.

Contact our staff to start planning your weddings in Amalfi !