Catholic Weddings in Amalfi

Catholic Wedding in Amalfi coast

Catholic wedding on the Amalfi coast

Catholic Weddings in Amalfi

A Catholic wedding in Amalfi can be either a religious blessing or be legally binding. Specific paperwork applies in either cases and no weddings can be performed during Easter and specific religious holidays.

Only Catholic Weddings in the Amalfi’s churches are allowed. Either you or your partner (or both) must be a Catholic and neither of you can be divorced (previous wedding in a Catholic church).

There are many beautiful churches in Amalfi, no doubt, but if you are looking for a traditional Catholic Wedding in Amalfi, the Saint Andrew’s Cathedral in Amalfi is definitely worth looking into. The Cathedral is ideal for an exclusive and luxury catholic wedding in Amalfi.

Catholic weddings in amalfi

For more intimate weddings there is also another church we do highly suggest called Sant’Antonio. We have planned many unforgettable weddings in this chapel with a single nave. The church is annexed to Hotel Luna. Unfortunately at the moment the church cannot be chosen since a total restyling is taking place.

We at Amalfi Wedding Planner plan catholic weddings in Amalfi since 2003 for those foreign couples wishing to tie the knot in the breathtaking Amalfi coast.

All the destination weddings in Amalfi  we plan are custom tailored and designed like a couture gown around the bridal couple to match their style and their personal requests.

Catholic Weddings in Amalfi coast

Catholic wedding in Amalfi coast

Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Amalfi

Ceremonies are performed by a local English speaking priest but in case the couple would like to have their own priest, he is usually welcomed by the local one.

Catholic weddings in Amalfi

Wedding Music for a Catholic Wedding in Amalfi

There is the possibility to have music in a Catholic Wedding in Amalfi but it has to be sacred music. The musicians can only be booked through the list of authorized musicians provided by the church.

During the ceremony the musical pieces are : ENTRANCE – OFFERTORY – COMMUNION – SIGNATURES – EXIT

It is possible to choose among the following options:

  • Organ
  • Violin
  • Organ + Violin
  • Organ + Choir
  • Organ + Violin + Choir

Wedding floral arrangements for a Catholic Wedding in Amalfi

The churches in Amalfi can be decorated at your pleasure with flowers, vases, urns, organza, trees and candles. The Amalfi cathedral is just perfect as it is but adding wedding floral arrangements will make it just spectacular but also Saint Anthony’s church will be perfect with your floral arrangements.

It is forbidden to remove the flowers after the Wedding Ceremony in Amalfi and to bring them to your wedding venue.

Catholic Weddings in Amalfi dress code?

It is important for the bride to have her shoulders covered. The bride can wear a strapless wedding dress but has to cover her shoulders.

The same rule applies for the bridesmaids and for female guestst at the wedding.

How long is a Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Amalfi?

Catholic wedding ceremony in Amalfi does traditionally include a full mass and communion and it is approx 45/50 minutes.

Can you kiss in a Catholic Wedding in Amalfi?

Though the kiss is not a part of the religious ritual, it is something that is widely practiced and part of most ceremonies.

Can you custom tailor the mass in a Catholic Wedding in Amalfi?

The Catholic Wedding Mass in Amalfi: you can choose the First Reading, the Second Reading, the Gospel and the Psalm. The Vows cannot be custom tailored. The sacred character of the marriage rite must not be compromised at the altar with romanticism, it is a liturgy, a ritual of the church.

Amalfi’s Cathedral location and description

Devoted to St. Andrew, the cathedral in Amalfi rises at the end of a steep stairway, and it overhangs the square with the same name. In the center of which there is the eighteenth-century fountain of rhe Saint of Amalfi. The building, the originals plans of which go back to the IX century, was inspired in 1203 by the Sicilian Arab-Norman forms and then again during the other centuries’. The facade is of particular beauty, rebuilt after the 1861 collapse, it introduces valuable musive decorations: in the eardrum Christ is represented in a throne between the symbols of the Evangelists and the Terrestrial power, a sketch by Domenico Morelli.

To the left of the façade the bell tower rises, initiated in 1180 and completed in 1276, which, even though many times restored, preserves its native aspect.

It was used in 389 as a tower of defense during attack by the Angioinis, it is more up of a plan of bifore and one of trifore, architectural elements of evident Norman derivation and it culminates with the multi colored maiolicata dome, of Arabic inspiration. The door in bronze, realised in Constantinople before 1066, showing carvings of Christ, of the Madonna and of the Saints Andrew and Pietro. The inside of the church, to Latin cross to three aisles, reconstructed in Baroque style, preserve frescos, statues and other works of art of notable interest: the paintings of Andrew of Asti can be admired, adorning the ceiling of the median aisle and the transetto, the Renaissance marmoreal ancona with three saints, the sixteenth-century grave of the bishop Andrea of Acunto and both with marble icon decoration belonging to the native church.

Catholic Scottish wedding in Amalfi

Catholic Scottish wedding in Amalfi

When to plan a Catholic Wedding in Amalfi

From spring to late autumn

Contact our staff to start planning your Catholic Wedding in Amalfi!