Symbolic Weddings in Positano

Symbolic Weddings in Positano

Plan your Exclusive Positano Symbolic Wedding with Us

Just close your eyes and now imagine your dream wedding… private boats, hidden gardens, charming beach or large terraces: here there are many probable venues for luxury, exclusive and professional symbolic weddings in Positano that you would be spoilt for choice. One of the most popular wedding destinations, Positano is the perfect destination for celebrating your love in the grandest manner.

Symbolic Weddings Positano are ideal for those couples wishing to avoid all the work related to complete documents for a religious or legal ceremony. This type of wedding is generally considered by couples having a civil wedding in their nation before or after their vacation in Italy. So, if you’re one of those, then hire the Affordable wedding designer Service delivered by Italian Wedding Designer. We are a leading Luxury Destination Wedding Designer and deliver only best-in-class wedding designing services that leave you speechless.

Symbolic Weddings in Positano: Charming Villas, Elegant Hotels, Fascinating Terraces with Mesmerizing Views:

We, Italian Wedding Designer, work with special venues including some of the most Exclusive and beautiful hotels in Positano. We’ve been planning events for several years with the most luxury, high-end, and chic resorts in Positano. In case you’re searching for an unmatched location for a matchless symbolic wedding, especially in Positano, then we can help you to find the place that is suitable for you in terms of your desires, vision, and budget.

A very special sea view ceremony at Hotel Marincanto


Exclusive wedding on the amalfi coast marincanto

Exclusive wedding in Positano

A special outdoor ceremony in the botanical garden of Palazzo Murat located in the center of Posistano, few meters from the Catedral and from the main beach.

Symbolic wedding in Positano

Symbolic wedding in Positano Hotel Palazzo Murat

Our favorite wedding venues in Positano are:

Our favorite wedding villas in Positano are:

  • Villa i Fisici
  • Villa Oliviero
  • Villa Tre ville
  • Palazzo Santa Croce
  • Palazzo San Giacomo

Symbolic Weddings in Positano with Italian Wedding Designer:

Symbolic Weddings in Positano are available for every couple and it is a suitable choice for you as well:

  • If you have had a big fat wedding reception with loads of relatives and friends and now, you’re going to Italy on a honeymoon, having a small romantic celebration in mind for the two of you.
  • You want to celebrate your marriage anniversary and also renew your wedding promises
  • You have had a civil marriage; however, you’re not interested to have a wedding reception in your native town
  • You simply don’t want to spend your money and time to prepare manifold documents; however, have dreamed of a wedding in an Italian location


We do only work with the best english speaking wedding officiants in the area.

Ceremony Special:

The content of a commitment or symbolic ceremony would differ from one couple to another and is customized to the requirements of each couple. The wedding ceremony could be as traditional as you want or unstructured and relaxed. You can even include personal vows, pagan rituals, religious elements, poetry or favorite songs.

So, get in touch with us today and let us design your dream wedding.

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