Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast

Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast

Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast


Organize Exclusive Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast Hiring Professional Wedding Planners

Want to organize your wedding ceremony in a dream wedding destination in Italy? For those people who are searching for an Italian wedding ceremony in a region nearby the Amalfi coast, then a wedding and reception party on the pristine Cilento Coast represent a winning option. Because of its unspoiled beauty, this place has become one of the most popular wedding destinations around the globe.

Why should youChoose Cilento Coast?

There is something amazing yet mysterious about the Cilento Coast. Ancient villages hanging on the hills, rocky beaches, untouched places far away from the city, not just in space but in time as well, belonging to a mythical and wild era.

Whether you are thinking of a civil or catholic wedding, no better location could represent the soberness of the historic properties of this particular area. So, if you are considering Exclusive Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast, then get in touch with an Expert Wedding Planner like us and give us the chance to organize your catholic wedding in the best way possible.

What Needs to be Remembered when it Comes to the Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast?

  • Particular religious paperwork is needed to have Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast. We, Italian Wedding Designer offer assistance that will help you in performing all formalities.
  • All paperwork needs to be translated into Italian.
  • Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast is conducted by an English-speaking priest. Catholic marriage is Cilento Coast is impossible in case one of you was married previously following catholic rite and now is divorced without an official dissolution by the Catholic Church.
  • It is also possible to have a legally binding religious ceremony where civil paperwork must be done too.
  • A mixed religion wedding is subject to the approval of the bishop who should grant consent in writing.
  • Religious paperwork should be presented 2 months before the date of the wedding.
  • The paperwork should never be completed 6 months prior to the wedding date otherwise it would expire.
  • The Italian Diocese should get the paperwork 2 months before the wedding ceremony.

Where and when can Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast Perform?

Luxury Catholic Weddings in Cilento Coast can perform in the historical and ancient cathedral and can even be celebrated in English as mentioned above. And if you’re thinking of which time will be ideal to organize a catholic wedding Cilento coast, then let you know from spring to late autumn will be ideal.

So, call us today and we’ll help you in organizing an exclusive and luxury catholic wedding.

Contact our staff to start planning your Catholic wedding in the Cilento coast!