Catholic Weddings in Positano

Catholic Weddings in Positano

Enjoy Catholic Weddings in Positano Service

In case you are Catholic and want to have a Catholic ceremony in Positano, then there are several breath-taking churches available where you can celebrate catholic rite. But if you’re looking to arrange an unforgettable Catholic wedding in the lap of Positano, we have landed on the right page. We are a professional wedding designer and arrange Catholic Weddings in Positano that will be remembered for years.

Santa Maria Assunta – the Best place for Catholic Weddings in Positano:

“Talented soprano and organist are available at the same time” but normally it would be better to write that couples can book any musicians they do like.

I would also write the fee 2019 which is euro 750 for english speaking priest + religious documents translations + religious nulla osta fee.

Timing in the morning is noon 12:00 and in the afteroon is 4:00 p.m. got the wedding ceremonies.

I would point out that there are some many documents to complete in order to get married in a Catholic church but even if the procedure is not easy we will guide the couples. It is possible to plan a wedding in a Catholic church only if at least one of the bride or the groom is Catholic.

This wonderful church is situated in the heart of Positano. And to reach this church, the bride and groom need to walk through a romantic street, which is covered with bougainvillea. Its location is really unbeatable, just a few minutes’ walks to the beach.

Unforgettable Catholic Weddings in Positano:

Let you know that the interior of this specific church is really amazing, in baroque style along with golden decors and delicate marble. The church looks full of light because of the bright pastel color of the central part of the church building. We recommend our clients this church in case they have a huge number of guests and family members. The inside can easily host up to 120 people.

What about the Special Arrangements?

Only catholic wedding ceremonies are allowed here. The entire ceremony is conducted in English so that it will be easier for you to understand what is going on. Talented soprano and organist are available at the same time. Though floral arrangements are possible for the alter and it is not permissible to decorate the pews.

When can you get married in Positano?

The best time to get hitched in Positano goes is between April to the starting of November. However, you can choose to get married on New Year’s Eve as well.

Comprehensive, Professional Help: Relax and Leave all your Worries:

A catholic wedding ceremony can be a memorable experience; however, it needs, of course, a specific amount of preparation and paperwork: you have nothing to worry though. This is because we at Italian Wedding Designer would help you, as well as accompany you throughout the procedure, helping you in every single step and assisting you in making everything fun and easier. All you need to do is to fill in our free and easy form with your comments and our experts would get back to you in no time with ideas and rates.

So, if you are looking for a hassle-free yet exclusive Catholic wedding service in Positano, get in touch with us.

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