Weddings in Hotel Caruso

Weddings in Hotel Caruso

Weddings in Hotel Caruso – Select One of the Most Beautiful Places in Ravello

While almost every single aspect of a wedding ceremony is optional, from ditching the red roses or white lilies to forgoing the cake to wearing a gaudy suit, there is only one thing that you can never skip or overlook: a venue. You need a place for your family and friends where you all can gather and celebrate the union of two souls.

However, finding an ideal venue is not that much easy. Since there are multiple options to pick from, whether you are searching for a sophisticated ballroom, a wonderful barn, a cozy restaurant or a breathtaking view.

Amongst the wide variety of luxury wedding locations in Ravello, the Hotel Caruso is certainly one of the most luxurious belmond hotel caruso ravello italy wedding and modern locations for a stylish, destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Weddings in Hotel Caruso – Beautiful Palace Situated in Ravello:

Weddings in Hotel Caruso

The Hotel Caruso is a luxurious palace and it is made in the 11th century. It is located at the highest point in Ravello. When it comes to organizing an exclusive wedding in Ravello, belmond hotel caruso ravello italy wedding and hotel caruso ravello wedding CostWEDDINGS IN HOTEL CARUSO comes first in our mind since it is elite and elegant.

Thanks to its beautiful location, most of the day this hotel is sunlit, providing a peaceful ambiance and mesmerizing views of the coastline. Guests can easily relax by the swimming pool, relish a cocktail in the bar or even treat themselves to a spa and beauty treatment.

Vivid Descriptions of Hotel Caruso:

There are mainly two restaurants, one of them situated in the lawns, a piano bar, a lawn of olive trees, a secret lawn and infinity pool, which welcomes people from all across the world.

The pieces of furniture reflect a tradition and a classy Neapolitan style and have been designed for this hotel; while some rooms even feature antique furniture pieces from the 18th, as well as the 19th century.

Areas for Exclusive and Stylish Weddings:

The Hotel Caruso is ideal for modern, destination weddings with multiple areas available for your reception based on the number of your guests. The landscaped lawns are a perfect solution for a nice dinner.

Moreover, the olive garden is available for appetizers or ceremonies. All areas with breathtaking views of the coastline. The cake ceremony, as well as the after-dinner event, could be organized by the poolside.


The iconic Hotel Caruso is one of our favorite venues in Ravello

The hotel has been extensively restored and during the activities ruins were discovered dating from the 12th Century. Those are now being restored in agreement with the Italian Fine Arts Authority.
After the restoration it is now probably Ravello’s finest luxury hotel, a gorgeous setting for a fairytale Ravello wedding!

Hotel Caruso is a setting like no other. The breathtaking natural beauty and the impressive history combine to create an enchanting wedding venue overlooking the dramatic coast.

The spectacular grounds surrounding the 11th century palace offer the perfect setting for weddings with a VOW factor.

By the famous Infinity Pool, suspended above the Town of Ravello, your guests will feel as if they are floating over the Amalfi coast.

The intimate panoramic terrace gardens called in the Wagner area are incredibly beautiful and full of flowers.

The infinity pool is just a dramatic setting for an unforgettable cutting of the cake using the Infinity Dream platform.

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