Civil Wedding in Capri

Exclusive Civil Weddings in Capri Arranged by Expert Wedding Planner

Close and eyes and think of the beauty of a marvelous blue sapphire sea bordering the appealing island of Capri as far as your eyes can see… the captivating Mediterranean ambiance adorned by the mesmerizing smell of flowers and by the sun’s warmth… the fragrances of mouthwatering spreading along with pleasant narrow alleys…the typical Italian friendly and welcoming atmosphere… could you really think of anything more dreamy for your civil wedding?

It hardly matters what people expect from their romantic Civil Weddings in Capri, we, Italian Wedding Designer would be by their side to help our clients in every detail.

Venues for Civil Weddings in Capri:

A civil wedding ceremony is Capri is considered as a legal marriage across the globe and can perform not just at the Capri’s City Hall or Anacapri but at different locations permitted by the local municipality.

One can have a bespoke civil wedding ceremony on a huge terrace with the Faraglioni rocks and sea before you, at a lavish historical museum, in a lawn with endless colorful flowers, on a scenic patio over a mountain with a views of the Amalfi coast and the Gulf of Naples, at an intimate and tiny venue engrossed in nature and impeccably suited for a small wedding or elopement. Moreover, some private properties like hotels have also given permission to conduct civil ceremonies.

Other Beautiful Venues to Arrange Civil Weddings in Capri:

  • Villa San Michele
  • Belvedere Migliera
  • Certosa di San Giacomo
  • Punta Cannone
  • Punta Tragara
  • Villa Lysis
  • The Garden of Augustus

To get to know more about the beautiful outdoor places where it is possible to arrange a civil wedding ceremony, please feel free to talk to our representatives.

Floral Arrangements for your Luxury Civil Wedding:

We, Italian Wedding Designer, will decorate the Town Hall (any other venue where the civil ceremony will be performed) with crystal decorations, candles, trees, organza, urns, vases, flowers, etc. When you choose our professional and luxury wedding planning service, then you have nothing to worry about. Being an Expert wedding planner, we take care of every tiny thing that will make your wedding a memorable affair.

Music Arrangements:

Guitar and mandolin match perfectly the romantic Mediterranean atmosphere of Capri; however, to have a unique and exclusive civil wedding ceremony, we recommend to use a Violin, a Harp or a string quartet.

At Italian Wedding Designer, we offer you help with all the paperwork to fulfill the legal needs for your civil wedding ceremony in Capri. So, call us to get more info about the civil wedding in Capri.

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