Symbolic Weddings in Capri


Exchange your vows to the Professional Symbolic Weddings in Capri, Italy

Planning to get married to the most beautiful place in Capri, Italy where you can experience the best wedding you can ever have with your entire married life. A marriage that only happens once in your lifetime, the beginning of being one with the love of your life. Tie your knot together and enjoy the natural paradise of the island of Capri, Italy.

Luxury Symbolic Weddings in Capri provide you the best wedding planner, organizer to help you achieve your unforgettable romantic wedding event that happened only once in the lifetime. Make this as an exceptional one and hired the best reliable wedding planner in Capri.

Symbolic Weddings in Capri

What is Symbolic Wedding?

Professional Symbolic Wedding in Capri is a wedding ceremony that promises love between two people that is called a non-denominational wedding ceremony where completion of documents is not necessary. Only if you are a foreigner want to get married in capri, Italy needs to fill up some documents like a sworn statement or affidavit. But no worries about that, the chosen wedding planner will help you to assist in that matter.

A Symbolic Wedding Ceremony is perfect for the couple who:

  • Both Families have issues with the religious belief
  • One party is not willing to participate in the wedding plan
  • Want to get married in the specific time and day
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Desire a stress-free celebration from the wedding ceremony
  • Divorced etc.

Exchange your vows to the most romantic place on earth and experienced the no Hussle symbolic weddings were couples can choose various professional wedding planner to offer and give you the best idea on which places is best suited to celebrate your wedding dream according to your budget preferences.

symbolic wedding ceremonyThey performed excellent service, reliable, creative, and guarantees a high level of services to provide a satisfactory amenity in were you experienced the overall package of contentment. Contentment that brings happiness and overwhelming joy that cannot be exchanged to any expensive things.

Experienced the Exclusive Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in where you can personalize your wedding from a formal wedding, fun ritual weddings, games, surprises,etc. The use of wedding rings, vows, the beautiful and meaningful entrance can be also enjoyed by the couple if they wish to have an intimate wedding ceremony.

Get married in Capri, Italy were couples enjoy the beautiful romantic place were overlooking beaches, and amazing cuisine, world-class clear watercolors you see when you experienced island boating with the person you love. One of the best places on earth Capri, Italy.

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Capri is the ideal backdrop for the most romantic event of your life.

A Symbolic Wedding is a beautiful exchange of vows between the bride and groom with their guests present to share in their joy. You will not need to complete any paperwork or have a witness or translator for this ceremony since it is not legal binding and it can take place anywhere since there are no restrictions.

It could provide a wonderful surprise for the one you love.
It is usually chosen by couples who have already had a civil ceremony or do not want to get officially married.

symbolic wedding capri island

capri symbolic wedding

The ceremony is very personal and unique, many couples choose to write the ceremony themselves or with our assistance, further personalizing this special day. We will take pride in highlighting the milestones of your lives, at the time same acknowledging and honouring important transitions and events.

We will collaborate in guiding you in the choice of the rituals, readings and music to fulfil your ideas. Together we will discuss your idea of the ceremony, through email and phone consultations, until you reach the ceremony that meets your needs.

All the traditions may be followed, and the setting is up to your imagination.

A Symbolic Wedding leaves you free to express any type of sentiment or religion without the hassle of required documentation.

We can provide you with an English speaking officiant or you may bring your own.

Symbolic Wedding Certificate

You will receive a symbolic certificate in Amalfi hand made paper.


A symbolic ceremony can be held anywhere you wish since there are no restrictions.

Capri is the perfect setting for a Symbolic wedding and it offers spectacular settings where to plan and design unforgettable and unique wedding ceremonies.

These type of ceremonies can be performed:

  • In one of the many stunning sea view terraces
  • On a turkish caique
  • On a yacht
  • On a sailing boat
  • In a private villa
  • In a luxury Hotel

Wedding floral arrangements – Symbolic Ceremony in Capri

The setting can be decorated at your pleasure with flowers, vases, urns, organza, trees and candles but it is not possible to decorate pews.

Wedding Music – Symbolic Ceremony in Capri

There is the possibility to have music.

It is possible to choose among many options:

  • Violin
  • Harp
  • Harp and Violin
  • Harp, violin and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Harp and string trio
  • Harp, String trio and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • String quartet
  • Mandolin and Guitar


From spring to late autumn

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