Catholic Weddings in Ravello

Catholic Weddings Ravello

Weddings in Ravello – Celebrate it in an Exclusive Way with Us

Getting married in Ravello is itself a great feeling. It is an ideal place to get hitched hence so many couples from all across the globe choose this place every year as their wedding destination. In case you are thinking of Catholic Weddings in Ravello, then you can pick amongst magnificent churches nestled in the heart of Ravello.

Arrange Luxury Catholic Weddings in Ravello with Professional Wedding Designer:

An ideal wedding needs three special elements: two souls deeply in love, a stunning location, and of course, flawless organization.

At Ravello Wedding Planner, we would create an unforgettable, exclusive wedding experience just for you, providing you with our impeccable organization and an option of mesmerizing location… all you have to be is a couple madly in love.

As we are a professional Catholic wedding Designer in Ravello, we deliver a meticulous and complete wedding organization and planning service without lightening your pocket.

catholic wedding in ravello

Ravello catholic wedding

The Churches for Catholic Weddings in Ravello:

Exclusive Catholic weddings in Ravello can easily be celebrated in one of the beautiful old churches of Ravello. Each church is equally architectural, appealing, and decorative. The churches of Ravello are an ideal setting for a romantic and charming Catholic wedding ceremony.

The best part is that brides and grooms can select the right church for their Catholic wedding ceremony as per their wishes, personal taste, and of course, the size of the wedding group. And upon request, Catholic weddings can be performed by an English-speaking priest.

ravello wedding planner

Ravello wedding planner

Plan Catholic Weddings in Ravello:

All of us at Italian Wedding Designer prefer to manage Catholic wedding dreams, offering you both attention to detail and personal service. Our assistance starts when you first get in touch with us. This is how we always work and the higher level of service that we deliver here is validated by the lovely words of our past clients whom you can find on the web.

Catholic Weddings in Ravello. But When?

If you are looking to organize luxury Catholic weddings in Ravello, then it is suggested to host from March until November, although Catholic weddings Ravello can easily be performed whenever you want. Exclusive Catholic weddings Designer can be made all days of the week excluding festivities.

So, if you want us to plan and organize a luxury Catholic wedding ceremony exclusively for you, then feel free to call us. Here we come up with some tailor-made solutions that make your dream come true.

In Ravello it is possible to get married in :

  • Ravello’s Cathedral
  • Santa Maria a Gradillo’s Church
  • San Giovanni del Toro’s Church
  • San Francesco’s Church

Ravello’s Cathedral – location and description

The Ravello’s Cathedral, which is also the city’s heart, was built in 1087 on the central piazza del Vescovado, by the wishes of Nicolò Rufolo, and was consecrated by Orso Papice, the first bishop of Ravello. It is decicated to Saint Pantaleone.

The interior with nave, two aisles and three apses is magnificently decorated and has the peculiarity of the floor being sharply inclined towards the square.

Ravello's Cathedral catholic wedding

Santa Maria a Gradillo’s Church – location and description

The Santa Maria a Gradillo’s Church is a Romanic church located at the Ravello’s main entrance and was built in the XII century.

The church has a belltower in Arab-Sicilian style, since in the XII century. Ravello was trading partener with Sicily and the Middle East.

In the ancient times it was the noble parliament of Ravello where nobles used to meet to discuss public affairs. The church is made of three naves divided by columns.

santa maria a gradillo ravello catholic weddings

San Giovanni del Toro’s Church – Location and Description

Its name comes from the hill on which it rises, the ancient Mount Toro.

It is located in the highest part of Ravello.

Its foundation dates from before the year 1000 AD. It was rebuilt for the first time in 1200 AD and consecrated in 1276. The church was rebuilt again in 1715.

The building’s façade has three portals decorated with gothic tympanums. The interior has three naves with small apses and domes. The most valuable work in the church is the Ambone del Vangelo (Ambo of the Gospel). This was included in the 1896 edition of the Golden Book of Italian masterpieces and testifies the role played by Islam in the development of southern Italy culture during the 11th and 12th centuries.

This pulpit was made in the 12th century by Alfano from Termoli upon commission of the Bove family, whose coat-of-arms is clearly visible: two bulls surrounded by nine rings of red, white and blue clover. Below the pulpit are ancient frescoes of Jesus and Mary Magdalene with other female figures in contemplation. A staircase near the right-hand aisle leads down to the Crypt. This hypogean room, lit by means of a mullioned window with one light in each of the three apses, has round cross vaults and there are important 14th century frescoes depicting holy scenes.

catholic wedding in san giovanni del toro ravello

San Francesco’s Church – location and description

The San Francesco’s Church was founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1222 when he came back from the Far East.

It is located along the walk to Villa Cimbrone.

The church is a jewel of Gothic art and was altered in the 18th century but still retains ancient columns.

San Francesco Catholic church in Ravello

Wedding Ceremony in Ravello’s churches

Catholic Wedding Ceremonies in Ravello can be celebrated in English

Wedding floral arrangements in Ravello’s churches

The church can be decorated at your pleasure with flowers, vases, urns, organza, trees and candles but it is not possible to decorate pews.

Wedding Music in Ravello’s churches

There is the possibility to have music.

It is possible to choose among many options:

  • Organ
  • Violin
  • Organ and Violin
  • Organ and Oboe
  • Organ and flute
  • Organ, violin and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Organ, oboe and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Organ, flute and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Harp
  • Harp and Violin
  • Harp, violin and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Organ and string trio
  • Harp and string trio
  • Harp. String trio and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • String quartet
  • String quartet and two singers (1 soprano and 1 tenor)
  • String quartet, oboe and two singers (1 soprano and 1 tenor)
  • Harp, string trio, oboe and two singers (1 soprano and 1 tenor)


From spring to late autumn

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