Weddings in Atrani


Weddings in ATRANI are a dream come true.

Atrani is an historical village of the Amalfi coast that was the residence of the “Duchi della Repubblica Amalfitana” (Dukes of the Amalfitan Republic). It was plundered by the Pisani and it was home of a big Saracen colony.

Many ancient churches and historical buildings are a clear proof of the roots of this secluded romanic village.

Atrani is one of the smallest village in Italy.

Atrani is 1 minute drive from the most famous Amalfi village!


Civil Weddings (indoor or outdoor in the amazing panoramic Largo della Maddalena)

Catholic Weddings

Protestant Weddings

Symbolic Weddings

Renewal of vows

Marriage Proposal



All year round


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