Civil Weddings in Sorrento

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Sorrento is a remarkably romantic place, nestled on a mesmerizing terrace over the crystalline sea and immersed in bright colors, velvety greenery, and the rays of the moderate sun. Breathtaking views of resting afar Vesuvius, the ambiance of endless summer, clear sky in combination with gorgeous architecture, the smooth lines of the sea, and a memorable local flavor would turn the civil weddings in Sorrento into a real magnificent happening.

We, Italian Wedding Designer provide full assistance services for couples who really want to get hitched in the mesmerizing surroundings of Sorrento. We are a Luxury Destination Wedding Designer and our wedding coordinators would suggest you of the best in class solutions to decide the civil wedding ceremony, reception, and even the honeymoon of your dreams.

Venues for Civil Weddings in Sorrento

  • Chiostro di San Francesco – San Francis Cloister

A civil wedding ceremony is a nonreligious and legal marriage supervised over by a legal official rather than a religious one and the wedding should be taken place in locations, which have been permitted by the Italian authorities.

The San Francesco Cloisters situated at the heart of the Sorrento, close to the public garden Villa Comunale and the church of San Francesco overlooks the Mount Vesuvius and Bay of Naples. An ideal location to take stunning pictures.

  • Villa Fondi

It is another amazing villa overseeing the Gulf of Sorrento. It is surrounded by a huge garden, ideal for outdoor civil weddings Sorrento along with jaw-dropping views.

  • Museo Correale

It is one of the most vital museums in Campania with its porcelain, furniture, and paintings owned by the Correale family. Civil weddings in Sorrento can be performed indoor or outdoor in the lovely garden surrounding the villa.

About the Civil Weddings in Sorrento

Civil wedding ceremonies usually take place outdoors and led by somebody chosen by the local registrar office. The wedding ceremony is being performed in Italian languages and would be translated as well. It is really possible to augment the ceremony with your personal readings, vows, music, and poem.

When to Get Married in Sorrento

So, you already have known that Sorrento is quite a popular location for exclusive weddings and for this reason, we at Italian Wedding Designer, recommend you to book our wedding designing services in advance. Bookings start around the year’s end. Civil weddings are performed Monday to Saturday and weddings are, in fact, possible all year round.

So, without delay, book our Affordable wedding designer Service.

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