Protestant Weddings in Sorrento


Sorrento is the ideal backdrop for the most romantic event of your life.


Protestant wedding ceremonies in Sorrento


For the  Protestant Ceremony there are two options:




Protestant ceremony ( Valdesian rite) with legal effect. It combines religious and  civil ceremony.

The Minister speaks only Italian and the Ceremony is co-officiated with an English speaking Interpreter.



2nd option: 


Protestant ceremony without legal effects: this is only a religious ceremony. You need  to go to the Town Hall some days before the wedding for the civil ceremony or give proof to the Pastor of your official Wedding Certificate.




Sorrento is a very romantic setting for a Protestant wedding and it offers spectacular settings where to plan and design unforgettable and unique wedding ceremonies.


These type of ceremonies can be performed:

  • In a garden
  • In a luxury Hotel
  • In one of the many stunning sea view terraces
  • On a beach
  • On a boat
  • In a private villa


Wedding floral arrangements – Protestant ceremony in Sorrento

The setting can be decorated at your pleasure with flowers, vases, urns, organza, trees and candles.


Wedding Music – Protestant ceremony in Sorrento

There is the possibility to have music.

It is possible to choose among many options:


  • Violin
  • Harp
  • Harp and Violin
  • Harp, violin and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Harp and string trio
  • Harp, String trio and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • String quartet
  • String quartet and singer (soprano or tenor)
  • Mandolin and Guitar



From spring to late autumn


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