Protestant Weddings in Amalfi

Protestant Weddings in Amalfi

Let us Design Charming Protestant Weddings in Amalfi Exclusively for you

Amalfi is the ideal location for a Destination Wedding in Amalfi

Though Italy is mainly a Catholic country; however, there is a wide array of wonderful venues for Protestant weddings in Amalfi. Amazing Protestant churches of different denominations can easily be found in multiple Italian cities. Whether you want to get hitched in a historical city, overlooking the sea or on the lakeshore, we, Italian Wedding Designer, would give our clients a selection of the best, beautiful church venues for an ideal wedding ceremony.

But in case you don’t wish to be restricted to a church or want to have your wedding done at your reception venue, then in Italy, one of the advantages of having a Protestant wedding is the flexibility that it offers you regarding the venue. You will be glad to know that luxury protestant weddings can be done anywhere you want: a beach wedding ceremony on the Amalfi, an intimate wedding in a private chapel. So, whatever you desire is, we, being a professional wedding designer, would make it happen for you. This is the reason why people choose to hire us for Exclusive Protestant Weddings in Amalfi.

Get to Know about the Rules and Regulations of Protestant Weddings in Amalfi:

  • When it comes to Protestant Weddings in Amalfi it is important to point out that it is possible to plan either a religious or legal binding Protestant Wedding in Amalfi.
  • The protestant wedding should be attested by two witnesses at least.
  • When it comes to the Protestant rites, Protestant Weddings can be done in English or in Italian with the help of an interpreter.
  • Tailored vows are allowed; however, if they contradict or challenge Christian Principles, then they won’t be allowed.

Places where we Organize Protestant Weddings in Amalfi:

If you are worried about your wedding venue, then let you know that our expert wedding planners do a thorough research while choosing the best venue for your wedding because they know how important this day will be for you. Generally, we choose to arrange Protestant Weddings in below-mentioned places:

  • In a church
  • On a boat
  • On a beach
  • In a luxury hotel
  • In a garden
  • In a sea view terrace
  • In a private villa

My favorite wedding venues in Amalfi:

  • Hotel Santa Caterina – there is a secluded sea view garden where a Protestant Wedding in Amalfi
  • Grand Hotel il Convento – there is either a sea view Cloitser or a sea view terrace where a Protestant Ceremony in Amalfi could take place.
  • Hotel Luna – the Protestant religious or legal binding Ceremony in Amalfi ceremony could either take place in the chapel or in the Saracen Tower.

Protestant Weddings in Amalfi

Floral Arrangements for Protestant Weddings:

We decorate the wedding venue with trees, organza, vases, urns, candles, and of course, flowers that turn the venue into heaven on the earth.

So, if you want us to be your wedding designer, then feel free to get in touch with us. We will plan a memorable Luxury, Exclusive and Professional Protestant wedding on the Amalfi coast.

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