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The wedding album is witness to the first and happiest moments in the newly weds’ life together and is very important for the bride and groom and perhaps in the future , for their children. A complete album of memories can be transformed into something really special, a masterpiece, by engaging professionals who know how to create great portraits and true picture stories and can guarantee results of the highest quality.

We feel and strongly believe that each bridal couple has personal tastes and like different styles of wedding pictures, that is why we work with different professional wedding photographers that are experts in photojournalism or in traditional or in creative and illustrative wedding pictures.

All our bridal couples will be free to choose the wedding photographer that meets their style, personality and tastes.


Style of Wedding Photos

Wedding photojournalism:

Wedding Photojournalism has become a very popular style of wedding photography and is essentially a series of candid photographs covering the events of the entire day. Brides who choose photojournalists to capture their wedding day feel the traditional photography style is stale and old, they are looking for something new and different.

Wedding photojournalism is said to appeal to the bride and groom that require a series of unique photographs designed to “tell a story” or narrate the wedding day. There are drawbacks of wedding photojournalism as there is usually no pre-planned “shot list,” only the wedding photojournalist ‘s (photographer’s) response to events as they unfold. The resulting images are can be unpredictable. As wedding photojournalism largely entails shooting under ambient light, the result in some some pictures can suffer in the hands of an inexperienced wedding photojournalist . It is a fact that some couples often later regret not opting for more traditional, posed portraits in their wedding album. The couples parents sometimes first to complain about the lack of traditional wedding photography in an album.

The wedding photojournalist usually arrives well before the bride is dressed and stays until they take last photo of the bride and groom leaving the reception. The photographer unobtrusively captures each action of the day, this way the photographs are not posed or staged. Since the subjects are unaware the camera is there, events are captured in a pure, genuine state. True emotion is caught and revealed using this style of wedding photography. Usually, these photos are taken with black and white film which truly captures the ‘storybook’ effect of this style. The end result is a narrative collection of images that show actual emotions and experiences of the days events.

Traditional wedding photography

Described by some as a ‘timeless style’. The characteristic that defines traditional wedding photography style is contrived posed or ‘set up’ look to photographs captured by the photographer. There are benefits of taking this approach as that traditional wedding photographers tend to follow a ‘shot list’ This means is that specific poses are photographed as part of the routine. There are disadvantages, as the traditional wedding photographer photographer is almost like “wedding official,” by directing the wedding party and guests according to a check list. The Traditional style of wedding photography is usually time consuming, and rigid. One of the criticisms of this style is that , the bride and groom end up spending less time with guests and more time stationary in front of a camera. The completed wedding photography can look visually pleasing, but predictable.

The Traditional Style of Wedding Photography usually calls for a shot list. The photographer will focus on a step-by-step checklist, to make sure he has photographed everyone the bride and groom want. The print quality, correct lighting and proper background are photographer’s main concerns.

Traditional photographers usually excel in portraiture, making sure that their wedding subjects will look great. To make sure everything is just as it should be, every detail including: body alignment, lighting equipment, the background, even the dress, has be set. This takes time. Traditional Wedding Photography has a time commitment from the Bride and Groom. Often the photographer is left in charge of the flow of the wedding to accommodate his need of posing the pictures. The main idea behind the true traditional wedding photography style, is to create posed photographs to be displayed in a portrait album.

Creative Wedding Photography

Also known as artistic wedding photography, this photography approach allows the photographer to improvise and use his/her artistic sense to tell the story of your wedding day. Creative wedding photography is known for really unique and unusual lighting effects and angles that make the result really stand out from the ordinary.

When study at an creative style imagery, one often wonders if he is looking at a photograph or a piece of art. The abstract feel of some of artistic photographs puts them in the class of imagery one may see at an art gallery. Often, when looking at creative photographs one may notice more and more details they have not noticed when first glancing at the photo.

While some artistic photos need to be posed, others occur naturally. This happens quite seldom, but when it does it produces simply amazing images. Think of a photograph where the bride and groom’s reflection is glitters on the surface of the lake or an image where the newly weds are engaged in their first dance and their shadows on the marble floor seem to be dancing to a melody of their own.

A good artistic photographer will not only use the mood of the wedding, but the very environment the ceremony is in. Shadows, lighting and even focus is manipulated to achieve the desired effect.

Often artistic photographers will employ the use of black and white images to make the pictures look even more distinctive. This brings out some dramatic lighting and shadow effects that make the wedding day look mysterious and really special.


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