Elopement on the Amalfi and the Sorrento coast


To elope means “to run away secretly in order to get married”.

The Amalfi and Sorrento Coast are among the most romantic places to elope because of the splendid venues, breathtaking historical palazzos and gardens, outdoor town halls and unique views.

To elope in Positano, to elope in Ravello or to elope in  Amalfi or in Capri or in Praiano is for true romantics, who do not want to wait a year or more to get married and do not want the traditional wedding they could have at home. It is for those brides and grooms who want to share an intimate and romantic occasion together, just the two of them.

We at Italian Wedding Designer usually work with the bridal couple in order to create a special and magical day that will be something truly romantic to remember for a lifetime.


There are many reasons why elopement makes sense :

  • A small, quick wedding can be just as memorable as a very big one.
  • You can focus only on the two of you and on your Love
  • It means less stress on your Special Day.
  • You can avoid family dramas or family decisions
  • Elopements are less expensive – and especially in today’s economy, perfect if the two of you are having trouble affording the cost of a regular wedding.
Elopement on the amalfi coast

elopement on the amalfi coast

The choice to Elope is a personal one, but if it’s the right decision for you both, congratulations! We hope to give you a few elope ideas that could make that Special Day Extra-Special!


Which kind of Elopements could you plan on the Amalfi or Sorrento coast?

  • Civil Elopements
  • Catholic Elopements
  • Protestant Elopements
  • Symbolic Elopements
  • Renewal of vows
  • Theme Weddings
Elopement in Positano

Elopement in Positano


  • In a Town Hall
  • In a Church
  • In one of the many stunning sea view terraces
  • On a turkish caique
  • On a yacht
  • On a sailing boat
  • In a private villa
  • In a garden
  • In a luxury Hotel
  • On a private beach
elopement on the amalfi coast

elopement on the amalfi coast


From spring to late autumn


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