Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements


Flowers make the setting for an unforgettable day and with their transient beauty accentuate an event which, hopefully, will last for a lifetime!

Wedding flowers and decor add colour, fragrance and beauty to every aspect of your ceremony and reception and are a central component of your wedding. Flowers can set the style of your wedding day and bring a since of elegance to your ceremony.

Since the beginning of time, love letters have been accompanied by splendid bouquets of flowers to express sentiments and feelings.. The type of flower, the number and the colour have meanings which are all but forgotten now a days.

During the Renaissance period, flowers were used in paintings to indicate different qualities, for example, the lily represented purity and therefore is found in many paintings of the Annunciation.

In 17th century still life painting, flowers represent a transient beauty and the fragility of appearances.

It may not seem so, but the language of flowers also has its own fascination, a strange history, an intriguing significance.

All flowers, from the most common to the most exotic, have their origins and a history often connected with myths or legends. Flowers express a secret language which is symbolic and metaphoric apart from being a pleasant, romantic and indispensable presence at any stage of the event. They brighten the bride’s home, the church, the registry Office and the reception. They decorate the bridal car, and adorn the bride’s gown and hair. And, of course, the bouquet, here they are fundamental in defining the bride’s ultimate image.